Bringing the West Coast to The East Coast


Inspired by eateries along the Californian coastline, our aim when branding The Cali Kitchen was to bottle some sunshine with a clean and contemporary edge.


Food & Drink


Website Design


Caitriona and Steve met with us in the early stages of their project with a bright idea to bring their experience of the Californian West Coast to Ireland’s East Coast.

We sat and chatted through the vision for a contemporary Café with food as wholesome as it is delicious, great coffee and an easy-going atmosphere.

With these things in mind, we began our research.

Cali website.jpg

The brand identity was inspired by travel, sunshine and seasonal ingredients. Our research brought out influences of hand-rendered type and contemporary interiors combined with pops of colour throughout in soft furnishings, potted plants and menu design.

The creation of a custom pattern meant we could subtly introduce texture or a splash of colour to bring this brand to life.

cali yellow apron.jpg
Cali stamp.jpg

Some time after our first meeting, The Cali Kitchen is finally on the verge of opening its doors. Based in the beautiful seaside town of Dun Laoghaire, we look forward to seeing a ray of sunshine in their casual diner. We built a basic website with some more info and sample menus, which you can check out here.