When The Brief is "We Don't Want a Brand"


Variety Jones has taken the Dublin food scene by storm with reviews in nearly every national newspaper within a month of opening. There was no blueprint for this one, we needed to reinvent the wheel.


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For those of you who don’t know, Variety Jones was the pseudonym of one of the founding members of the darknet market, Silk Road. Upon meeting Keelan Higgs about his new restaurant, it was clear this element of the underground was something he wanted to bring to Dublin’s food scene. We took a totally unconventional approach to this project, creating a manifesto instead of brand guidelines that were a loose set of rules for us all to adhere to. Only those on the inner circle know what it says.


The approach to social media was to be disruptive. By absolutely no means was this restaurant going to conform to the standard restaurant template. We developed a strategy that relies heavily on User-generated content but that leaves no trace. Instagram Stories was the lead platform chosen to deliver the message and with over 3,000 Instagram followers and no posts - this has proven a worthy experiment.

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