Learning the basics can save you time and money. Take ownership of your digital presence, sometimes all you need is a little helping hand.

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Photoshop for Marketers

  • Web Basics

  • Online Visibility for Your Business



    Knowing your way around Photoshop can save you time and money as a marketer. Learn how to resize imagery, create basic templates and optimise files for web among many other helpful tips and tricks. Have questions of your own? Send them in advance of this one-to-one online tutorial and troubleshoot as we go.


    Outsourcing all of your website requirements can be costly. We work with a number of Content Management Systems, training our clients on how to update text and imagery. Being able to carry out smaller amends in-house can mean a much quicker turnaround. Learn basic editing as well as an overview of audience metrics and what it means for your business in an online tutorial.


    Digital provides an entirely new sales channel for your business, where you can connect with potential customers all over the world within seconds. Learn how to ensure your business is found, by the right people, through basic SEO and social media profile optimisation. Simple things can make all the difference to being discoverable.

    *Costs vary depending on needs