Data-informed planning

It used to be both extremely expensive and time-consuming to find out about your customers and conduct market research. The age of digital has completely turned this on it's head. Every small business now has access to more information about their customers than they know what to do with. The challenge is filtering through all the white noise and finding the golden nuggets that will help make your product, business or brand more engaging, more exciting and more interesting to Users. There's more consumer choice today than ever before and businesses need to stand out in order to be heard. We find the best way to do this is to understand your audience and build a strategy accordingly.


Partnering design with strategy

With data we can understand who customers are, where they are, how and when they interact and much more. The data provides the fact and technical information we need but it does not give the means to interact, engage or truly capture an audience. That comes down to content and content is nothing without design. Every strategy we create holds the brand's personality and aesthetic at it's core. This allows for the building of real brand/customer relationships based on trust and honesty. It ensures the business is being represented correctly and leaves less room for error.


Digital marketing

• Copywriting
• Audience & Location Strategy
• Email Marketing
• Content Strategy
• Social Media Strategy
• App Store Optimisation
• Search Engine Optimisation
• Third Party Integrations, IE. Google Business, Analytics and Search Console



• Analytics research
• Website & SEO Audit
• Competitor Research
• Consumer Analysis
• Audience Profiling
• Social Media Audit
• Usability Audit



• Content Management System Training
• Social Media Training
• Email Marketing Training
• Harnessing Analytics and Website Traffic