The Don of Catering

Andrew Holmes is the catering genius behind award-winning wedding caterer's Andrew Holmes Catering. His baby, however, is his first business venture; The Hogfather. The Hogfather provides a casual catering option for events with a pig-on-spit being the main focal point. Andrew knew it was time to update the website and the branding for his 'baby' but our challenge was to stay true to his vision and respect the journey he'd had with the business so far!


Let's Get Crackling

We proposed an entire digital overhaul starting with a new brand identity including an individual tone of voice, look and feel to separate The Hogfather from its competition. From here, we developed a showcase website, an interactive PDF, PR strategy and a social media strategy. The fact Andrew committed to a full 360-degree solution meant that his business maintained a clear and consistent brand persona when relaunching. The social media roll-out was playful and engaging, with the aim of bringing the brand to life while the interactive PDF was more formally presented and accessible for a corporate audience.