The Brief

Trudy Hayes came to us with the concept for Raven; a product that would link freelance beauty professionals with potential clients on the go. We began the solution by developing a unique, style-focused and accessible brand, creating a custom typeface and a wealth of bespoke imagery to enrich it. Then we moved on to the product itself.


The Product

The focus of this product was that it would be easy to use, light-weight and unintrusive. Designing this product so that it could rely heavily on actionable notifications meant that designing a native app for both iOS and Android would be the best approach.

The product is split into two: A Professional's App (Users can view / accept / decline incoming job offers in-app or through notifications) and a Client App (A User selects the type of treatment they want, selects a professional based on ratings and sends out a request within a 40 mile radius). The App needed to be as lean as possible in every aspect and the flow was designed to be as efficient as possible.


The Interface

The product was designed to be easily transferrable to wearable devices. Implementing a modular design means that the product is dynamic and flexible when it comes to screen sizes. The use of native iOS elements future-proofs the App from updates and the pay system ‘Stripe’ supports Apple Pay, so when launched in Ireland it will be smoothly integrated instead of needing to be built from scratch. Custom illustrations and icons were implemented throughout.



Once the Raven App was designed, built and tested it was time to focus on introducing the new product to both Users and Professionals. Firstly the brand tone of voice, direction and pillars of communication were established. An overview of the App was verbalised for use on the App Store and other relevant communications. From here a Social Media Strategy was compiled across key social media platforms with a focus on Instagram and the establishment of a Beauty Blog. Finally, a PR Strategy was put together to include a three-pronged press release approach; general, bridal and tech. Along with a robust media contact list these were disseminated with press imagery.


The Outcome

The Raven App was welcomed by the Beauty Industry as the new must-have beauty essential and by the Tech Industry as an exciting new Irish native App offering. 

Trudy Hayes said of the Good as Gold team: "Firstly I worked with Danielle O’Connell from Good as Gold, she basically designed the whole look and feel of Raven and understood how I wanted it to be portrayed. She did all of the architecture and UX too. I then worked with her partner Lauren Higgs on my marketing strategy and they’re a great team, understanding what I wanted from Raven from the beginning".