We worked with My Kind of Dress to create a brand aesthetic that appeals to the modern Irish woman. One who is in control of all aspects of her life, has a very busy schedule and who is 'always on'. We conducted consumer analysis on this demographic to figure out what makes her tick, by understanding her, we were better placed to begin the brand identity. 

We came up with the tagline; "Every occasion is an opportunity", to capture the essence that each special occasion or event presents a unique opportunity for love, laughter, a career and moment capturing. The overall message being that My Kind of Dress has the perfect outfit to accompany each occasion. 

Colour palette variants for My Kind of Dress
My Kind of Dress Print Roll-out Concept
My Kind of Dress Image Treatment for Social Graphics
Image treatment for My Kind of Dress
My Kind of Dress Primary Logo
My Kind of Dress Social Roll-out Concept