The interesting thing about the Locks 1 Windsor Terrace project was that when we first spoke to Co-Head Chefs & Owners Keelan Higgs and Connor O'Dowd they had about a week to pull everything together and were starting from scratch. The venue was one both Chefs had worked in previously and they held the local community there in a very high regard, wanting to present them a restaurant that was informal, value for money and one that serves only the best food. It was important for us when branding the new eatery that we captured the essence of passion and playfulness that was evident in the new owners and we wanted to make sure that this was communicated to the diners and the press when the time came.

Phase One: Listen

Keelan and Connor day-in, day-out produce colourful, delicious and most of all exciting dishes but after spending time with both of them it became clear to us that aside from food – they maintain a positive and more importantly humourous outlook on the world. The kitchen is such an intense environment that a constant babble of banter is necessary to lighten the mood and these guys give it in bucket loads. It was important for us that their brand represent that too.

Key Learnings: Informal, Good Food, Family, Fun, Good Music, Value for Money, Casual, Local, Hidden Gem.

Outcomes: Brand concepts, logo, brand guidelines, brand identity, brand statement.

Phase Two: Plan

Now it had been decided WHO and WHAT Locks 1 Windsor Terrace are, it was time to move on to re-introducing this much-loved venue to the locals, friends and family. The approach needed to be soft, the menus and staff were still being ironed out but both Keelan and Connor wanted to keep people in the loop about what was happening and what their visions for the restaurant are. This phase was a gentle opening of the doors, both physically but also virtually online.

Key Learnings: Introduce, Tell Our Story, Find Our Feet, Local.

Outcomes: Social Media Strategy (Platform selection, account set-up and design, posting schedule, tone of voice and approach), Website holding page, personal letter to local community, Marketing Strategy (Press Release), Photogrpahy (Shot list, direction of shoot, imagery selection for website).

Phase Three: Work

This time was dedicated to making the presence of the restaurant known and moving seamlessly into the public sphere. The team had now experienced the restaurant in full service, had their first couple of reviews (all wonderful) and had firmly found their feet. The next port-of-call was to fully establish the business, make it accessible so that people could find it when they needed to and to finally begin to make a statement about what they do. 

Outcomes: Full website (design, content, alt-tagging on content and imagery, back-linking, email set-up), full stationery suite (design of gift vouchers, business cards, thank you cards, letterheads, compliment slip and digital signatures), Google account set-up (Including Google Business, Maps, Analytics and Adwords), second phase of Social Media Account set-up (Tripadvisor, Menupages), Marketing Plan (Press releases pre and post launch, media contact list), Press launch (guestlist, hand-made invites, HTML e-vite, hosting at event).

Key Learnings: Take what has been created and make a statement.

Phase Four: You

Locks 1 Windsor Terrace is now a live and ever-changing business. When the design and strategy have been carried out, the final stage is not just the handing over of files, rather handing power over to the now firmly established team to effectively manage their digital future. This includes the back end maintenance of the website to forecasting digital patterns and trends using Google Analytics.

Key Learnings: Handing over process, power to you.

Outcomes: Final brand guidelines, Google Analytics Overview, CMS Web Training, full design assets and log-in details for all platforms.

Best Wishes

It is remarkable to partner so closely with a business on the variety of levels we experienced with Locks 1 Windsor Terrace. What Keelan and Connor are building here has been missing from Dublin 8 and indeed the greater Dublin area. It is a pleasure working with a duo like them and they deserve every success in their new venture. It means a lot to us that we were involved in their journey.