Working With Social Media Royalty is Easier Than You’d Think!




One of Ireland’s favourite and most outgoing Social Media personalities is James Kavanagh. Across his social channels, he has more than 40,000 followers, most of whom tune in to watch him scare the bejaysus out of his poor, unassuming partner William Murray on his Snapchat.  James is flamboyant to the point of hilarity and his social commentary on his Dublin surroundings – from getting the bus to buying lunch – makes the everyday banal absolute gold.

Currabinny Branding

We were intrigued going to meet him and William for the first time to discuss their new venture. We knew he’d be enthusiastic but it's safe to say the theatrics were left completely at the door. As the pair began to fill us in about their exciting new culinary biz “Currabinny” (the name comes from the place in Cork that William hails from, it’s beautifully known as where the forest meets the sea), it was quickly apparent that both James and William were very serious about building a strong vision and brand identity.

We were immediately presented with a very clean and clear mood-board of what the two gents had in mind for their business, instantly giving us a flavour for what they envisioned for Currabinny. As well as being a total it boy, James clearly has his head on his shoulders when it comes to business. He fluidly discussed the exact kind of brand both himself and William were trying to build and it resonated with us straight away. The best part of it for us was that they had faith in our creative direction and were willing to put their (food) baby in our hands. Leaving that first initial meeting there was a sense that we were all on the exact same page and that together we were about to create something very exciting. 

Looking back now, a little over a month after the guys put up that first Facebook post, it's amazing to see the evolution of the brand into something tangible and dynamic. Currabinny passed through its first market in the Teelings Whiskey Distillery (check out the photos) with flying colours but for us, it was their brand roll-out and application that has made them so special thus far. James gets it. He totally understands what it takes to make a business work and this is evident in how he has applied the Good as Gold branding to his packaging, marketing and social media accounts. With a combined social media following of almost 7,000 fans and followers to date, it's clear to us already that Currabinny is going places and no better men to lead it than James and William. We loved working with them and we wish them every success.